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Entry #1


2016-10-07 20:03:54 by kingX0

​          After the fraterzation,

             Kelzad and Yeelon was in fight position 

               Ask you again, will you join me?!13? 

          I refuse that offer, betrayal me now you 

                ​                PAY!!!!

    when kelzad use his sword, Yeelon used his powers

but nowhere a haunted agent fired at kelzad, but he got rid of him

and use him as shield from Yeelon attacks, but he used little more and a bunch

of haunted come away to attack kelzad (1 atp engineer 5 agents(haunted) some have guns, 

but some don't but try grab him but end up in kelzad's grips instead and thrown at Yeelon but 

Yeelon defected that, while kelzad finish handled the haunted but Yeelon cursed him once and make

him weaker but however the will power come in him but little hesitate bit and hit him but made Yeelon  

worse and burtal hit kelzad however he survive it and dodge Yeelon burtal hits but more company came 

the worse ones (4 abomination(haunted) and kelzad get more frustrated but take longer to fighting them 

but tricky attacks came in and kelzad try to dodge Yeelon attacks but atp engineer try help him but died in 

vain and more of them came and that atp engineer turned haunted, attack kelzad and while fighting Yeelon 

what will happen next?


find out more

(Next year it will be a fight in the last year .. be patient)



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2016-10-07 20:12:52

I'm not creator of realm kelzad is...given him props